Outdoor Events

The S Living system can be made into various shapes of arches, background walls, podiums or engagement platforms. It can also be made into a row of guest lounge areas

Outdoor Wedding Arches

Outdoor weddings are very popular, especially for those who want to hold their wedding ceremony in a natural setting. Arches are the most important part of all decorations. It will be the sweetest moment in life to imagine the bride and groom walking slowly under the beautiful arches in gorgeous dresses, and then putting on their wedding rings under the arches decorated with flowers. The S LIVING arches collection is definitely the ideal choice for your wedding decoration.

Indoor Banquet Arches and Backdrops

WThe LED lighting arch channel is a unique design of S LIVING, the arch can be illuminated on all sides, and the RGB color can be adjusted. Through unique designs of different shapes and sizes, S LIVING can be turned into a backdrop for wedding ceremonies. These indoor ceremony arches create beautiful wedding backdrops for when you and your intended exchange your vows.

Outdoor Landscape Arches

Putting outdoor arches in gardens, parks, tourist attractions, as welcome arches, guide corridors, photo spots is a great idea of site decoration. The combination of different shapes, different angles and infinitely extendable combination designs will definitely make the landscape full of character and become everyone's favorite.